BOPP Labels For Your Products

BOPP Labels For Your Products

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BOPP labels are some of the strongest labels used for products today. Companies like to use BOPP labels for their durability, flexibility, and versatility. But why is this all necessary for your product label? Let’s go over what BOPP labels are and why a business would want them for their products.

What Are BOPP Labels

So BOPP actually stands for biaxially oriented polypropylene. Broken down, biaxially oriented means “stretched in both machine and transverse directions, producing molecular chain orientation in two directions” (via and polypropylene is a common form of plastic that is generally pretty strong. Put that together and you have stretched plastic in layman’s terms. They do this to improve its strength and flexibility.

Why is BOPP a Great Material for Labels?

BOPP labels are much stronger than traditional paper labels while still being easy to print on. You can print with both water and solvent-based inks onto BOPP labels that have been treated properly for printing. What makes BOPP labels so strong is their resistance to oil and water, making them perfect for products often used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Polypropylene is also pretty resistant to most chemicals such as solvents, bleaches, and disinfectants. This makes BOPP labels great for withstanding common cleaning products with those harsh chemicals. Finally, laminated BOPP film can also handle UV light, so its colors won’t fade in the sunlight. (via stickermule)

BOPP labels are also food-safe. Much like our polypropylene tubes, BOPP labels are often FDA approved and BPA free. This is because BOPP labels are most often non-toxic. They are also moisture resistant so they work great in packaging foods as well. states these benefits from using BOPP labels:

BOPP label benefits:
  • Thin material
  • Superior strength
  • Excellent printability
  • Flatness (Conforms well to containers)
  • Low toxicity (food label suitable)
  • Recyclable (No. 5 plastic)
  • Product resistant, oil & water resistant

BOPP Labels Conclusion

BOPP Labels For Your Products

BOPP labels are great for their overall strength and resistance to life’s daily elements. If you want high-quality labels that won’t easily come apart, we recommend going with BOPP.

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