Shrink Sleeve Labels as Tamper-Evident Bands

Shrink Sleeve Labels as Tamper-Evident Bands

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Many companies and consumers like and enjoy shrink sleeve labels due to their trendy and eye-popping looks. However, shrink sleeve labels are also capable of serving another function. That is acting as a tamper-evident band for the products they contain. Let’s see why this function is so important.

One Label, Many Functions

Shrink sleeve labels not only provide more branding real estate than traditional sticker labels, but they can also form a tamper-evident seal on your products as well. Tamper-evident packaging is a necessity in many popular industries that usually use shrink sleeve labels.

This includes the food and beverage industry, personal care, pre-rolls and edibles, and many others. Even if a tamper-evident seal isn’t required by law for your product, many consumers could also prefer knowing their item has not been touched beforehand.

Shrink sleeve labels and the usual tamper-evident shrink bands have a lot in common. In-fact, they are usually made of the same plastic and are applied the exact same way. This is why shrink sleeve labels are naturally built to be perfect tamper-evident seals.

One Application and Done

Speaking of which, it doesn’t make sense production wise to not use shrink sleeve labels as tamper-evident bands. Would you rather apply a sticker label with one machine, then go back and apply a tamper-evident band with another?

Or would you rather have your label sleeved in the same process as the tamper-evident band and have your product ready to go? Tamper-evident labels just seem like the more convenient option in this regard.

Hold Multiple Products Together With Your Label

Shrink sleeve labels can also be tamper-evident containers for your products. Many times, companies want to make double or grouped packs of the products they sell and will use shrink sleeve labels to hold them together.

Shrink sleeve labels work perfect in this regard as well because they are able to tightly hold many containers together, and once separated and opened, has clearly been used before. The functions of shrink sleeve labels are really more than what they seem.

Getting A Shrink Sleeve Machine for Your Labels

Shrink sleeve labels are great labels for packaging your products. However, to use them yourself, you’re going to want the right equipment. That’s why CoolJarz has created the SST Shrink Sleeve Label Machine to easily apply shrink sleeve labels or tamper-evident bands to your products.

Our shrink sleeve machine allows you to apply shrink sleeve labels and tamper-evident bands almost ten times faster than a heat gun. They also come out much better as well. If you’re looking to get a shrink sleeve label applicator, click here!


Shrink Sleeve Labels as Tamper-Evident Bands

Shrink sleeve labels act as great tools for branding your products as well as acting as tamper-evident bands and packaging. CoolJarz are experts in creating solutions for all your packaging needs. If you have any questions about getting your own custom shrink sleeve labels for your products, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

If you’re interested in getting a CoolJarz shrink sleeve labeling machine, click here! If you’re looking for any other packaging options, check out the rest of our website for more information!

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