The Best Label Application Machine for Pre Roll Tubes

The Best Label Application Machine for Pre Roll Tubes

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Adding labels to your pre-roll tubes can be a time-consuming, yet necessary task if you want to establish a quality brand for yourself. Hand applying sticker labels requires a bit of concentration to make sure they’re not crooked, the margin for error is pretty small, and it will take you a while just to do a couple hundred.

Now imagine trying to do the same with quantities in the thousands per day. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible. You’re going to need a label application machine to up the production. However, those semi-automatic sticker label machines are almost just as slow and then you still need to apply the shrink bands to each tube.

That’s why CoolJarz has developed a compact, portable, semi-automatic automatic label application machine for shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeves are some of the most popular types of labels for pre-roll tubes today and if you aren’t using them already, we suggest switching over. Here are our reasons why our pre-roll label applicator is best for your cannabis business.

Shrink Sleeve Labels vs Sticker Labels

Shrink sleeve labels are relatively new compared to paper sticker labels but you see them everywhere you go. Every product you see at the supermarket rocking a plastic label with no adhesive is likely to use a shrink sleeve label. These labels are generally preferred by many industries due to the variety of benefits that come with them.

In regards to applying the labels to your pre-roll tubes themselves, you will want a shrink sleeve label because they can be applied faster than many other semi-automatic label machines, as well as their function as a tamper-evident seal.

The Speed of our SST Shrink Sleeve Label Machine

The beauty of using shrink sleeves is that they can easily be applied with the right equipment. All you have to do is slip your tube between the shrink sleeve and drop them right through our steam head tunnel. The process only takes a few seconds for each tube and they always come out looking great.

As you can see from our video above, using a shrink sleeve machine, puts your label application process to the thousands each day with ease. Hand applying traditional sticker labels is definitely not the way to go and using a semi-automatic sticker machine still won’t be as fast as this.

Shrink Sleeve Labels as Tamper Evident Seals

One of the largest reasons companies opt to use shrink sleeve labels is their ability to act as tamper evident seals for their products. This is incredibly important for the cannabis industry as many states require these tamper-evident seals on all cannabis products.

This makes the speed of production with shrink sleeve labels that more apparent as well. This is because instead of applying a sticker label to your pre-roll tube and then a tamper evident shrink band, you’re applying just one shrink sleeve label with a perforated tear. Your pre-roll tubes will hence be impossible to open without first tearing off the perforated part of the label.

Why Choose a CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Machine Over Any Other

CoolJarz created this particular shrink sleeve steam tunnel specifically to work with pre-roll tubes which is how we can guarantee your pre-roll tube labels will work great with it.

Other shrink sleeve label application methods involve using slow heat guns that take a lot of time to use and won’t evenly apply your shrink sleeve label. On the other side, those industrial heat shrink machines weren’t made with pre-rolls in mind and can cost you in the tens of thousands.

Our shrink sleeve steam machine works much faster than using a heat gun and only require about 4 square feet of operating space to use. It’s completely portable, and was made with small businesses in mind so you won’t need an entire factory space to operate it.


The Best Label Application Machine for Pre Roll Tubes

When it comes to applying labels to your pre roll tubes, you’re going to want the right equipment for the job. We implore you to consider using shrink sleeve labels as their added benefits to your products will be well worth the switch from traditional sticker labels. Then when you do, use the CoolJarz shrink sleeve machine label applicator. The only shrink sleeve label machine made for pre-roll tubes.

If you have any questions about the CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Machine, or about CoolJarz products in general, visit our website or Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help! If you’re ready to get a shrink sleeve machine right now, click here!

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