The Shrink Sleeve Machine For Small Businesses

The Shrink Sleeve Machine For Small Businesses

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Shrink sleeve labels have become the standard for many industries. So much so that it’s hard to stand up to the competition without a shrink sleeve label of your own. This is often the case with products such as energy shots, beverages, and even personal care items.

The problem however is that getting and applying shrink sleeve labels to your product’s containers can be difficult and expensive without the correct resources. That’s why CoolJarz created our SST shrink sleeve machine to make the shrink sleeve label process simple and easy for small businesses.

The Portable Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel

the-best-portable-shrink-sleeve-machine-for cannabis pre-roll tubes

Shrink sleeve labels are a great way to brand your product’s packaging because they can cover more of your container’s real estate with your design than the average sticker label.

However, without the right shrink sleeve equipment, the process can take more time than you’d like. Many first-time sleevers will use methods such as heat guns to apply their shrink sleeve labels. This method is really not recommended because you can often spend up to a whole minute trying to get 1 shrink sleeve evenly applied to a single container.

This is why most shrink sleeve users use an industrial-grade shrink sleeve machine to streamline their sleeving process. These machines can apply shrink sleeves in a conveyor belt-like fashion. Unfortunately, these machines require a lot of space to operate, and a lot of money to obtain. This obviously doesn’t work for many companies who don’t have a giant factory with a space just to label their products.

That’s where the Cooljarz SST shrink sleeve machine comes in. Our shrink sleeve machine’s dimensions are only 22” x 17” x 45” in inches of the tablespace. That’s less than 2 square feet of table space. Then when operating the device, you’ll only need about 4 square feet of space to work. This device also works anywhere with a plug. Meaning this shrink sleeve machine could be used anywhere from a small garage to a full factory.

The best part is this machine’s price won’t run you the same as those heavy-duty factory models. A CoolJarz SST shrink sleeve machine will run you about $3500 at the moment and when you see how fast it is able to apply shrink labels, you’ll be saving money just off production time.

Quickly Apply Shrink Sleeve Labels

The SST Shrink Sleeve Machine is compact, yet has made the shrink sleeve process so quick and easy there is no need for one of those factory models. The sleeving process with the SST shrink sleeve machine becomes as easy as dropping your container down a tube. How so? Check out this video of just how quickly and easily our shrink sleeve machine applies shrink sleeve labels.

As you can see, you’re getting factory-like speeds for your shrink sleeve labels but with our compact, shrink sleeve machine. Also, if you were thinking of going with a heat gun to apply your shrink sleeves instead, check out this video showing just how inefficient they are.

Seeing how long it took to just heat a tamper-evident band, you can just imagine how long it would take with an entire label. If you think using a heat gun is the cheaper option, you’ll be paying the difference just on time spent using one. With just one SST Shrink Sleeve Machine, you could possibly wrap over a thousand of your containers within one hour.

A Shrink Sleeve Machine for Any Product

As shown from our videos above, the Cooljarz SST machine works great with our plastic pre-roll tubes, but you’re probably wondering if it’ll work with your product’s container.

Our shrink sleeve machine has 5 stock steam tunnels that work with most pre-roll tubes and containers of that size. We call these our “steam heads” and are interchangeable when you need to switch product sizes.

custom sizes available for shrink sleeve tunnel steam head

However, if your product doesn’t fit our 5 stock steam heads, we can also design a custom steam head made specifically for your containers. We offer this service because we believe our shrink sleeve machine can really change the labeling industry for many smaller businesses looking to use shrink sleeve labels.


The Shrink Sleeve Machine For Small Businesses

The Cooljarz SST Shrink Sleeve Machine makes shrink sleeving easy and affordable for small businesses. Its compact size and a small area of work allow businesses of any size to quickly apply shrink sleeves to their products all at an inexpensive, affordable price.

If you would like to order a portable Cooljarz shrink sleeve machine today, you can visit If you have any questions about our shrink sleeve machine, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

Cooljarz by Earthwise Packaging are experts in providing packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. If you need containers for pre-rolls, edibles, or flower, visit our website.

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