Where To Get 360 Degree Shrink Labels

Where To Get 360 Degree Labels

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360-degree labels, also known as shrink sleeve labels, can cover nearly an entire container if needed for your products. Brands love these 360 labels because they allow full use of their product’s real estate for advertising what they want on their containers.

CoolJarz by Earthwise Packaging offers 360-degree shrink sleeve label custom design and printing services for products of all kinds. If you need bulk, wholesale supplier of shrink sleeve labels, CoolJarz is the place to go.

Full-Body Labels for Your Products

Packaging is one of the most essential aspects of advertising your products. For those who compare labels to figure out which brand to buy, you want an attractive product, with the information you want to display.

360 labels help in that goal because they can overall look more professional, allow for more intricate designs, and give you more space for images and text than most traditional sticker labels.

With the right equipment, applying shrink sleeve labels can be easier than traditional sticker labels as well. Most shrink sleeve labels only need a little heat to fully adhere to a product’s container.

Most PET and PVC shrink sleeve labels also make it easier to recycle your containers because they are also made of plastic, easily removable, and do not leave glue or residue behind.

360 Degree Shrink Label Printing

Get Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels For Energy Shot Bottles tamper-evident

If you need custom shrink sleeve label printing services, CoolJarz has got you. We would like to be your one-stop shop for shrink sleeve label services. If you would like shrink sleeve labels printed for your products, you can send us the dimensions of your containers and we’ll see if we can create a template for your design to go on.

After a proofing and approval process, we can have your shrink sleeve ready and printed. CoolJarz currently only does bulk orders of shrink sleeve labels so if you need wholesale numbers, we’ll be happy to work with you.

Custom Label Design Services

Get Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels For Energy Shot Bottles and containers

If you need help with your shrink sleeve label design, CoolJarz offers full custom design services as well. We will work with you to get exactly what you want for your shrink sleeve labels.

A short explanation of the process, you would just suggest colors and graphics that you would like for your label. You can also provide any logos or graphics you currently have. We will then craft a few designs (depending on which package) for you to choose from. After that, we can make the revisions needed.

Once the design is fully approved, we can send them into print and we’ll ship them over to you once finished.

That was the short version but that’s pretty much the gist of the process. Very simple, very easy.


Where To Get 360 Degree Shrink Labels

360-degree shrink sleeve labels are becoming the future of packaging in many industries. At the moment, it’s hard to find a beverage without a shrink sleeve label on it! Companies love shrink sleeve labels because of the added real estate and creative designs.

If you’re looking to get 360 shrink labels for your products, check us out at CoolJarz.com and request a quote. If you have any questions about the shrink sleeve service process, please Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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