Where to Get The Best Shrink Sleeve Machine for Bottles and Beverages

Where to Get The Best Shrink Sleeve Machine for Bottles and Beverages

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Shrink sleeve labels have grown extremely popular in the food and beverage industry due to their versatility and overall better branding than traditional adhesive labels. However, if you’re a small business, shrink sleeve labels can be difficult to have due to the application process.

Many companies have to use industrial-sized conveyor belt machines to shrink sleeve their labels. Of course, not everybody is capable of owning the space for these large, expensive machines. That’s why CoolJarz Packaging created our own shrink sleeve label applicator to quickly and easily sleeve beverage bottles with equipment small enough to use in any type of room.

The Shrink Sleeve Machine for Your Small Beverage Business

After you’ve gotten the shrink sleeve labels for your beverage bottles, the next challenge is sleeving them all in a timely manner. There are several ways to do this but many are either flat out impossible for you right now or inefficient. That’s where the CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Machine comes in.

How Does the SST Shrink Sleeve Machine Work?

The CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Machine System works in a similar way as the large industrial shrink sleeve tunnels do, but in a small tabletop form. The device itself uses the heat in steam to shrink labels to their respective containers. Pretty simple right?

Our machine is comprised of its base heating unit, a water tank reservoir, and a steam head. The base heats the water to a point where the water turns to steam. The steam is then released into the steam head tunnel where you can drop your containers with shrink sleeves through, successfully applying them. Yes, it’s as easy as turning the machine on and dropping things down a tube.

Why Steam?

Shrink sleeves can only be applied using heat, and we’ve found that the steam tunnel method, was the best way to apply that heat to plastic labels. This is because steam is able to evenly apply these labels at a temperature lower than other heat tunnels, protecting your product.

Other heating methods such as convection heat, run the risk of ruining your drinks and beverages by heating them to a point you wouldn’t want. The heat in our steam machine only goes as high as needed to apply shrink sleeve labels.

If you’ve used a heat gun before to apply your shrink sleeve labels, you know just how long of a process it can be. Not only that, the end result probably wasn’t what you were looking for. Heat guns create bubbles and an uneven label application. Our steam shrink sleeve machine evenly applies heat for a smoother label.

Portable Shrink Sleeve Machine For Beverages

We’ve created our shrink sleeve machine for small businesses so we made sure small businesses could use it, no matter what their production operation looks like. The beauty of the CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve machine is that you can easily use it in smaller spaces.

The machine itself only takes about 2 square feet of table space, and we recommend having about 4 square feet to operate. Pretty good compared to those gigantic factory steam tunnels right?

The convenience doesn’t just come with the size either. Its low heating method makes operating more comfortable for everyone in the room as well. Those convection ovens are basically space heaters that can leave your operating space hot and hard to work in. Our steam machine is comparable to a humidifier so you’re not burning up while sleeving products.


Where to Get The Best Shrink Sleeve Machine for Bottles and Beverages

If you’re a small beverage business looking for a way to apply shrink sleeve labels to your drinks, you may need the CoolJarz SST shrink sleeve machine. Its convenience, portability, and efficiency make for the perfect shrink sleeve applicator for a small business’s products.

If you have any questions about our shrink sleeve label machine, or about CoolJarz in general, visit CoolJarz.com or Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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