Shrink Sleeve Label Machine and Applicator Comparison

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shrink sleeve label applicator comparison chart

What is a Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator?

Pre Roll Tube shrink sleeve applicators are machines made specifically for that reason, to apply shrink sleeve labels in a quick and simple fashion. If you own or work for a cannabis brand, labeling your products can be a tedious but necessary process in the production line. These machines were developed to speed up that process through shrink sleeve labels.

Shrink sleeve labels allow for more real estate in terms of branding your container versus traditional sticker labels. These labels are also often more durable as well. One huge aspect of shrink sleeve labels is that they can act as a tamper-evident seal for containers without needing to apply a separate one along with your label. It’s for these reasons, shrink sleeve label applicators have grown so popular amongst cannabis brands.

Comparing Shrink Sleeve Label Machines

As these applicator’s popularity grows, more and more brands are selling these machines within the market. As you can see from the chart above, most of these machines are very similar in design. The reason for this is often because they all come from the same manufacturer. And although they may come from the same place, where you purchase your shrink sleeve label applicator, can make a large difference in what you’re getting in terms of the full package.

Getting a Shrink Sleeve Machine from the Manufacturer

CoolJarz Packaging is the premier manufacturer of shrink sleeve label machines. If you’re trying to get a shrink sleeve label applicator, there are several benefits to ordering straight from CoolJarz versus another brand.

Shrink Sleeve Machine Price Comparison

The chart above displays the price of these shrink sleeve label machines at the time this is written. As you can see, there are prices from $4375.00 all the way to $2490.00. Pretty large difference. So which one is best for your business? That will ultimately depend on what you need out of your machine.

Straight off the bat, the CoolJarz machines are lower than both the Custom Cones Machine and Futurola Venturi with the higher-priced CoolJarz ($3490.00) SST sitting right under the Custom Cones Machines ($3500.00). But check what else is included with the CoolJarz SST that really displays the value difference.

Free Shipping, Warranties, and Servicing

CoolJarz offers custom steam head sizes for each of their machines, warranties, servicing, and much more. Not to mention free shipping, which could save you a large amount depending on where you’re located.

Steam Head Sizes

Between the two CoolJarz machines, the biggest difference is your choice of steam heads and bundle deals. The CoolJarz SST SE has a standard .750″ wide steam head meant to fit their EcoLite line of pre-roll tubes and will work with any one of those tubes. The original SST has a choice of 14 different steam heads of varying sizes and can also be equipped with a custom steam head if needed. The SST system can also be bought with a printer and computer pre-programmed to print compliance text.


Overall, if you want the most value for your dollar, CoolJarz is going to be the way to go when it comes to shrink sleeve machines. You’ll have the most support after your purchase and you’ll be paying much less than its competitors.

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