How to Apply Shrink Labels To Energy Shots

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Energy shot companies such as 5 Hour Energy have extremely recognizable labels and packaging that use almost the entirety of their small bottles for branding. These shrink sleeve labels make their bottles stand out and look overall more professional than competing brands.

If you’re an energy shot company trying to compete with that, you’re going to want to step up to their standards. This means getting your own custom shrink sleeve labels and applying them to your energy shot containers.

If you already have your own shrink sleeve labels, you’re already halfway there. However, you may run into a problem that many do. You’re either wondering how do I apply these shrink sleeve labels? Or why does it take so long to apply shrink labels?

CoolJarz has created a solution to those very questions with our SST Shrink Sleeve Label Machine. Our shrink sleeve machine can quickly sleeve your energy shot bottles in less than a second each. Best of all, our machine is so compact, you’ll only need about 4 square feet of space to use it.

Sleeve Thousands of Your Energy Drink Labels in a Day

CoolJarz shrink sleeve machine was made for speed and convenience. Applying a shrink sleeve label to your energy drinks cannot be easier. It’s a 2 step process. First, put a shrink sleeve label around your energy shot container. Next, just drop it through our steam head tunnel. It’s as easy as that.

Our shrink sleeve machine is easy to set up as well. Just fill the reservoir with about 2 gallons of water, then flip the switch to turn it on. In a matter of 30 seconds, the shrink sleeve machine will have steam coming out and that’s when you know it’s ready to go.

Stop Using Heat Guns for Energy Shot Shrink Labels

Heat guns are amongst the most inefficient ways you can apply shrink labels to your energy drink bottles. They take a long time to fully wrap your containers and when you finally finish, the labels come out wrinkled or uneven.

Our shrink sleeve machine uses steam instead of hot air because it fully encompasses the energy shot bottles evenly with heat. This makes for a cleaner wrap so you’ll get fewer bubbles and wrinkles.

Steam also doesn’t get as hot as the air in heat guns so you won’t have to worry about potentially damaging your product within. Some companies don’t like heat guns because they heat the contents of the container to a point that alters it.

As you saw in our video above, the heat of our steam tunnel is more than enough to quickly shrink your labels without getting too hot like many convection heat sources would.

Shrink Sleeve Machine for Small Energy Drink Companies

This shrink sleeve machine is perfect for companies of all sizes because it’s inexpensive and doesn’t take much room to operate. The problem with many traditional steam tunnels is they can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Then, you need to allocate a factory-sized space for many of them.

What’s great about the CoolJarz SST shrink sleeve machine is that it’s so small, it doesn’t become a burden on your workspace. Our shrink sleeve machine only takes 4 square feet to operate and the machine itself only takes up about 2 square feet of table space, so you can use these almost anywhere without disturbing the rest of your workflow.

The cost is inexpensive as well, the current price of the CoolJarz SST is located at At this moment, one SST shrink sleeve machine will be about $3500. This is much less than some of the industrial-grade shrink sleeve machines that can run over $10,000.

You’re also saving money just on production time alone when compared to using heat guns. You could potentially sleeve up to 10 energy drink bottles with the CoolJarz SST in the time it takes to apply 1 with a heat gun.


the-best-portable-shrink-sleeve-machine-for cannabis pre-roll tubes

Shrink sleeve labels are the standard for energy shot bottles. If you want your energy drinks to look legit, you’ll need a shrink sleeve label. If applying these shrink labels is currently a burden on your business, get a CoolJarz shrink sleeve machine. They will streamline your energy drink business to the next level.

If you have any questions about shrink sleeve labels, whether it’s about our shrink sleeve machine, or how to get custom shrink labels for your products, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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