Comparing the CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Machine to Other Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Comparing the CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Machine to Other Shrink Sleeve Applicators

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CoolJarz created our SST shrink sleeve machine to solve problems often associated with other shrink sleeve applicators. We saw that many small businesses wanted to streamline their production the way large corporations do but didn’t have the same resources.

The problem with traditional steam tunnels and shrink sleeve applicators is the large startup cost needed for them and the amount of space required to use them makes it almost impossible for a small business just starting up.

Tools such as heat guns take too long and the end product just isn’t as well applied. That’s why CoolJarz created a shrink sleeve machine that is a great middle ground for all companies.

How the CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Machine Works

All shrink sleeve labels need a source of heat to shrink. There are different ways of applying that heat but CoolJarz elected to go with the most efficient form; steam. The CoolJarz SST heats up the water in its tank to the point where steam is released in its steam head.

When dropping a product with a shrink sleeve label through that steam head, heat is evenly applied to the tamper-evident shrink sleeve label and you get a next to perfect, shrink sleeve label contoured to your product.

That’s the whole process. It’s so simple and easy you could easily apply up to 20,000 shrink sleeve labels to your products in a single workday with a single machine. Not only that, but the SST shrink sleeve machine only takes up about 2 square feet of table space and only 4 square feet to operate.

The SST Shrink Sleeve Machine Versus a Heat Gun

A lot of small business owners will naturally gravitate towards using a traditional heat gun to apply heat to their shrink sleeve labels because they simply don’t know any other way how. This is a huge mistake. Heat guns aren’t traditionally made to apply shrink sleeve labels so why would you use them for it?

Heat guns use hot air that will unevenly apply heat to your shrink sleeve labels. This can cause unwanted wrinkles, bubbles, and weird distortions in your shrink sleeve labels. You even run the risk of burning yourself. Why deal with that?

What’s even worse is how long it takes to apply a single shrink sleeve label with a heat gun. With a heat gun, you’re slowly rotating each container trying not to miss any spots and it’s taking up to 30 seconds a tube. Then when you finish, it still doesn’t look very well applied.

The CoolJarz SST shrink sleeve machine solves all of those problems because it was made with those in mind. Our shrink sleeve applicator efficiently uses steam to get a nice evenly applied label in only a couple seconds.

The steam head of the SST encompasses the entire container so you know every nook and cranny has had heat applied to it. This makes for a better all-around label and it was as easy as dropping down a tube.

The SST Shrink Sleeve Machine Versus A Traditional Steam Tunnel

The SST Shrink Sleeve Machine Versus A Traditional Steam Tunnel

Our shrink sleeve machine was made with businesses in mind that don’t want to use up all of their space with large machinery or want to pay for it either. Each SST Shrink Sleeve Machine takes up only 4 square feet to operate and even less table space.

Compare that to large assembly line machines that require an entire factory space. Not only are you paying more for such a bulky machine, but you’re also paying for the space to hold it all.

Those large assembly line machines are complicated and can cost a bit for maintenance and replacement parts should they ever break. At CoolJarz we kept it simple. There are only a few parts to assemble, and to use our steam machine is really just a flip of a switch.


The CoolJarz SST Shrink Sleeve Machine was built to solve the faults of shrink tunnels before it as well the inconvenience of heat guns. If your company needs shrink sleeve labels applied to your products, switch to the SST.

CoolJarz by Earthwise Packaging are experts in product packaging and we create the solutions to your obstacles. If you’re ready to get an SST Shrink Sleeve Machine, click here! If you have any questions about our Shrink Sleeve Machine or anything else, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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