Pre Roll Tube Shrink Sleeve Machine Price

Pre Roll Tube Shrink Sleeve Machine Price

The price of shrink sleeve machines can vary in hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on what you’re looking for. However, you can call many different mechanisms shrink sleeve machines because the term itself can encompass the entire shrink sleeve application process.

What Are Shrink Sleeve Machines?

As stated above, we’ll be defining a shrink sleeve machine as any mechanism that helps with the shrink sleeve application process. This is usually done by applying heat to a shrink sleeve. That means there are machines that help you apply shrink wrap and there are machines that shrink the sleeves themselves after applying.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on the shrink sleeve machines used to wrap pre-roll tubes and containers of a similar cylindrical shape.

The Prices of Shrink Sleeve Machines

Applying shrink sleeves to labels in an efficient manner can cost a bit to get you started but once you start using a faster production machine, you can see the money you’re saving off labor within a couple days of using one.

Heat Guns

heat guns for shrink sleeve labels cost

The cheapest start-up equipment for applying shrink sleeve labels. These devices use hot air as their form of heat to apply shrink sleeve labels to their containers. Definitely one of the most inefficient ways to apply shrink sleeve labels, using a heat gun requires slowly applying an even heat by hand around your container.

This process can take a while and leaves a lot of room for error as an uneven distribution of heat can skew the label of your container so you’ll need a steady hand.

The price of a heat gun is anywhere from $20-$700 depending on the brand and its features. Good for DIY projects. Not recommended for businesses looking to streamline production.

Steam Tunnels

steam tunnel price cost

If you’re a business owner that needs tens of thousands of shrink sleeves applied per day to your containers, we’d recommend looking at different steam tunnels. These large machines have containers with shrink sleeve labels around them that go through a conveyor belt to apply heat in the form of steam to shrink the sleeves.

These can evenly apply shrink sleeve labels fast and without the tediousness of a heat gun. The only problem is that these machines are large and bulky and you’ll need a factory-type space to efficiently operate them.

The price of a steam tunnel can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to around 20K depending on what you want out of them. Great for factory operations and larger businesses. Not recommended for those with little space to operate.

Cooljarz SST Shrink Sleeve Machine

What we’ve been waiting for! The Cooljarz SST Shrink Sleeve Machine is the first of its kind. Built specifically for pre-roll tubes and small containers, the compact shrink sleeve machine is able to apply thousands of shrink sleeves to containers within a day through a simple steam tunnel system.

The Cooljarz shrink sleeve machine combines the power of a full steam tunnel and the operating area of a heat gun all in one simple device. The process is as easy as dropping a shrink-sleeved container down a tube and that’s pretty much it.

The cost of the Cooljarz SST is pretty accessible for small businesses and the efficiency over a short amount of time will save you much more money than using a heat gun. The price for the machine itself is around $3500. If you would also like a compliance label printer and laptop to go along with the machine, Cooljarz has a bundle deal for $4800 including the shrink sleeve machine, label printer, laptop, thermal ribbons, catch box, and stand.


There you have it, the prices of different shrink sleeve machines. Obviously, we would love for you to get our Cooljarz SST but there are many options out there for you to decide on. See what fits best for you.

If you would like to get your own Cooljarz SST Shrink Sleeve Machine, click here! If you have any questions about shrink sleeve machines, pre-roll tubes, or shrink sleeve labels, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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