CoolJarz™ Custom Shrink Sleeves for Pre Roll Tubes - Options

CoolJarz™ Custom Shrink Sleeves for Pre Roll Tubes – Options

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CoolJarz offers pre roll label printing and design services for cannabis companies looking to establish themselves as a brand. A special feature CoolJarz offers is the option between 3 different types of pre roll labels.

The three options are between 1. having a label without a variable text area, 2. one with an area for pre-affixed compliance labels, and 3. a label with an area for pre-affixed compliance labels as well as a dual layer for a peel and reveal compliance label.

In this article, I’m going to break down these three label options so you can see what is better suited for your business and brand.

Option 1: Regular Shrink Sleeve

option 1 shrink sleeve labels

The first option we have is our regular shrink sleeve printing. With this option, you’re getting custom-printed, fully-branded, tamper-evident sleeves with no compliance label. This is our cheapest option with the fastest turnaround time. If you don’t need variable text printed on each sleeve then this is the option for you.

Option 2: Space For Compliance Labels

The second option we have are custom-printed, fully-branded, tamper-evident sleeves with pre-affixed compliance labels. Many states require compliance text on their packaging labels. The pre-allowed space for variable text allows you to print your own compliance label text right onto the sleeve at any time so you can provide batch and time related information. This variable text is often a legal requirement in many states.

Non-variable compliance text can be pre-printed upon order. Variable compliance text can be customer-printed with our available SST printer and laptop batch system.

Option 3: Peel Back Compliance Label

The final option is a custom-printed, fully-branded tamper-evident sleeves with dual-layer, peel-and-reveal compliance labeling. Inside layers can be pre-printed with non-variable compliance text upon order.

Then you can allow the top layer to have variable compliance text printed with your SST Printer. This allows more space for your branding and is just a neat feature.


CoolJarz™ Custom Shrink Sleeves for Pre Roll Tubes - Options

Getting labels for your pre-roll tubes is a large step for your business and is often required by law. These three label options allow you to get all the compliance text needed or a fully branded label if not.

To learn more about our custom shrink sleeve label design services or request a quote, check out our design page! We have a form at the bottom where you can fill out all your info.

If you have any questions about our custom label design services or any of our other products, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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