Cannabis Packaging Label Laws in Colorado State

Cannabis Packaging Label Laws in Colorado State

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Cannabis packaging rules are a very complicated subject as the laws regarding cannabis are constantly changing everywhere. You can’t just be familiar with Federal law, but State and Local laws as well.

These rules are constantly being amended and changed, challenged and so on. Then reading and interpreting them could require a lawyer to fully understand the pages of text written as law.

For this reason, this article will give you a little snippet of the laws regarding marijuana packaging for the state of Colorado. The idea of this guide is more so to help you catch some common things you may be missing from your packaging or illegitimate things you may be including before anybody else does but obviously won’t be all encompassing due to the vastness of these laws.

Like I said above, laws are constantly changing and you should check with your local laws but this is more of a helpful guide than legal advice and we implore you to do more research on your own.

With that being said, most of this information was gathered from the Colorado Office of Research and Statistics Which is a great resource for the state of Colorado regarding these laws.

Cannabis Label Laws

The State of Colorado also has a number of labeling rules for marijuana products. Disclaimer: These aren’t even half of the rules and requirements but we figure these are pretty are easy fixes to your label packaging. To get a full understanding of your state’s cannabis packaging laws we recommend further exploring into state laws.

Font Size. Required labeling text on the Container and any Marketing Layer must be no smaller than 1/16 of an inch.

Labels Shall Not Be Designed to Appeal to Children. A Regulated Marijuana Business shall not place any content on a Container or the Marketing Layer in a manner that reasonably appears to target individuals under the age of 21, including but not limited to, cartoon characters or similar images.

False or Misleading Statements. Labels on a Container and any Marketing Layer shall not include any false or misleading statements.

Trademark Infringement Prohibited. No Container or Marketing Layer shall be
intentionally or knowingly labeled so as to cause a reasonable consumer confusion as to whether the Regulated Marijuana is a trademarked product or labeled in a manner that violates any federal trademark law or regulation.

Health and Benefit Claims. The label on the Container and any Marketing Layer shall not make any claims regarding health or physical benefits to the patient or consumer.

Use of English Language. Labeling text on the Container and any Marketing Layer must be clearly written or printed and in the English language. In addition to the required English label, Licensees may include an additional, accurate foreign language translation on the label that otherwise complies with these rules.

Unobstructed and Conspicuous. Labeling text on the Container and any Marketing Layer must be unobstructed and conspicuous. A Licensee may affix multiple labels to the Container, provided that none of the information required by these rules is obstructed. For example and not by means of limitation, labels may be accordion, expandable, extendable or layered to permit labeling of small containers.

Use of the Word “Candy” and/or “Candies” Prohibited.
a. Licensees shall not use the word(s) “candy” and/or “candies” on the label of any
Container holding Regulated Marijuana, or of any Marketing Layer.
b. Notwithstanding the requirements of this subparagraph, a Regulated Marijuana Business whose identity statement contains the word(s) “candy” and/or “candies” may place its Identity Statement on the label of the Container holding Regulated Marijuana, or of any Marketing Layer.

Containers and Marketing Layers. The Container and any Marketing Layer shall have a label with all information required by these 3-1000 Series Rules. Any intermediary packaging between the Container and the Marketing Layer is not required to be labeled in accordance with these rules.

Exit Packages.
a. Exit Packages Permitted for Child-Resistant Containers. A Medical Marijuana
Store, Retail Marijuana Store, or Accelerator Store may but is not required to
place a Child-Resistant Container into an Opaque Exit Package at the point of
Transfer to the patient or consumer.
b. Exit Packages Required for Regulated Marijuana Flower, Trim, and Seeds. Any
Regulated Marijuana flower, trim, or seeds in a Container that is not Child-Resistant shall be placed into a Child-Resistant Exit Package at the point of
Transfer to a patient or consumer. The Exit Package is not required to be labeled
but may include the Medical Marijuana Store’s, Retail Marijuana Store’s, or
Accelerator Store’s Identity Statement and/or Standardized Graphic Symbol.


Cannabis Packaging Label Laws in Colorado State

Obviously that was a lot to go over. However, that was only small snippet of the different laws and regulations regarding cannabis packaging. To get a more comprehensive and detailed idea, you can checkout The Oregon Secretary of State Website for more information.

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