Cooljarz SST System Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Machine for labels.

What to know about the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel

Automatically shrink sleeve brand labels for tubes, containers, and bottles with a tamper-evident shrink sleeve label in our compact tabletop steam tunnel

Applying labels to your product containers should be an easy and simple process. However, an obstacle that many face is the tediousness of hand applying them.

Our Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel System overcomes that obstacle in a cost-effective, easy-to-use manner.

Check out this video below to see the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel in action!

What is a Shrink Sleeve Label?

Custom Shrink label for the CoolJarz SST shrink sleeve steam tunnel machine
Custom Shrink label for the CoolJarz SST shrink sleeve steam tunnel machine

Labels are one of the most common and best ways to show off your product’s branding. Shrink Sleeve labels are a form of product labels that wrap around products according to their shape.

Just like any other label, shrink sleeves are fully customizable and can display your company’s designs onto packaging.

What makes shrink sleeves even better than traditional adhesive labels is that they can easily do a full-body cover of your product’s container.

How does a Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Work?

Shrink sleeves are made out of a thin film of plastic that when heated, shrinks to the form of the container.

First off, you would place the shrink sleeve film over your product’s container. It will be loose at first, but when heat is applied, the shrink sleeve will conform to the container.

Our Shrink Sleeve Label Machine has a simple process where the machine heats up water and sends the steam to a tube where you can drop your container through with its shrink sleeve.

It will then instantly and perfectly apply the shrink sleeve label to your product in less than a second.

Why Use the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel?

Compact Size

Dimensions for the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Labeling Machine
Dimensions for the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Labeling Machine

The CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel is a compact system meant to quickly do its job without needing a factory-sized space to perform.

We recommend having about 4 feet of space per operator but the machine itself only takes up about 2 square feet of table space.

Quick Production

The Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel takes about 30 seconds to warm up and once it’s ready, you’ll be able to quickly wrap thousands of shrink labels to their containers in a single day on one machine.

We mean it when we say quickly as well. You could easily wrap thousands of products in one workday with a single shrink sleeve steam tunnel and operator. Check out this short video to see the impact a Steam System can have.

Older methods such as heat guns are slow and inefficient. In the time it takes to wrap a sticker label with a tamper band using a heat gun, you could wrap 10 shrink sleeve labels with this Shrink Sleeve Machine.


Cooljarz Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel not only gives you factory production results, but you also don’t need a factory production budget.

Perfect for small businesses, CoolJarz sells the Shrink Sleeve labeling system as a bundle that includes:

Cooljarz SST System Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Machine for labels.
Cooljarz SST System Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Machine for labels.

You can get this entire package for around $4800.00. Perfect for small businesses who are trying to expand their inventory quickly themselves.

If you don’t need this entire set, you can also purchase the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Machine by itself here for around $3500.00.

If you already have a computer and printer to make the shrink sleeves, the shrink sleeve printing software is available to download online.

Groundbreaking Technology

Our Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Machine is a relatively new technology so much so that those who use it for production, are miles ahead of their competition.

Why? Most companies are still using the slow heat gun method, or are using those huge, bulky machines inefficiently. Switching over to a Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine will immediately give you a leg up on your competition.

We’re also the originators and currently, the only manufacturers of this machine. If you see similar machines on the market, they were probably made by us.

Will My Container or Tube Fit the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel?

stock replacement steam heads for the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel labeling machine

Stock Steam Head Sizes

Most likely, Yes! The Shrink Sleeve Label Machine currently has 5 stock “Steam Head” sizes that will fit most tube container sizes.

Although our Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine was made for our pre-roll tubes specifically, other containers with similar diameters can also fit the Stock Steam Heads.

Do you have multiple products of different sizes? No problem, the steam heads are detachable and you can purchase multiple sizes for one machine here!

Custom Steam Head Sizes

What if my container doesn’t fit the stock steam head sizes? Don’t worry, we also do made-to-order, Custom Steam Head Sizes. This way, you know that your products specifically, will work perfectly with your steam tunnel.

To request a quote for a Custom Steam Head size, you can contact us here!

Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Machine for Pre-Roll tubes and Pop Top Containers

Shrink Sleeve machine doob tubes j tubes and pre roll container shrink sleeve labels

Although the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Machine can be used for most forms of packaging and containers, it really specializes in wrapping shrink sleeves for CoolJarz pre-roll containers. can be a one-stop shop for businesses who are looking to package and brand their pre-rolls, edibles, cartridges, or any product they can fit into our various sizes of tubes and containers.

This means you could get your Shrink Sleeve Tunnel Machine package bundle and all of your pre-roll packaging tubes in one place so you’re ready for business.

Contact Us!

Cooljarz logo for doob tubes and pre-roll packaging

The Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel Machine is a truly groundbreaking technology that can transform your business from something like a DIY project into a professional operation.

If you know you’re ready to purchase the Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel System, you can order one here. Or if you only need the machine by itself you can order it separately as well.

If you would like to ask more about the product and our services, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

The team members are experts in plastic packaging and labels. Are you looking for a plastic packaging company that makes all of its products in the USA? Check out our website or contact us directly for inquires.

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