Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine

Shrink Sleeve Label Machine

Custom shrink sleeves replace labels and tamper-evident bands with the perfect, easy, fast branding tool.

shrink sleeve steam sealing machine
Shrink Sleeve Label Steam Machine

Pre-roll tubes are perfect for packaging CBD joints, paper cone pre-rolls, thick blunts. They are hard to brand. Labels do not want to stick and will peel away from the tube. The best and most economical choice is to use high-quality custom printed sleeve wraps also called shrink sleeve labels. We will send a template that your graphic design person can set up and create the exact professional package that will show your brand in the best way possible.

After we print your custom shrink sleeve take any employee and slip the sleeve onto the tube from the bottom towards the top. This takes about one or two seconds. Then drop the tube wrapped by the shrink sleeve through our patent-pending tabletop shrink steam tunnel. The directed flow of steam heats the outside sleeve perfectly so the finished package looks like a pro did it. The custom printed shrink sleeve allows the tube to become tamper evident at the same time.

Custom design services will make your packaging easy as one, two, three.

To open the tube apply a peeling action at the perforation by the hinged cap area. The cap will become exposed while the rest of the sleeve remains and shows your brand. You no longer will need to put a separate sticker or shrink band to make the pre-roll tube tamper-evident.

Watch this 18-second video to see how easy it is to brand like a professional.

Our shrink sleeve sealing machine steam tunnel will work on any tube that we sell on our website. We offer the complete package from pre-roll tubes, shrink sleeve labels, the shrink sleeve machine. The 90 mm pre-roll tubes can easily and quickly be branded just like the 116 mm pre-roll tubes we manufacture and sell on the clickable link. We also manufacture and distribute a complete multi pre-roll tube shrink sleeve steam machine along with the tubes and sleeve label.

Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine with pre roll tubes labeled
Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine with pre-roll tubes labeled

We are the manufactures of the patent-pending shrink sleeve machine, custom shrink sleeve labels, plastic pre-roll tubes. You can buy now at the best price possible. We offer a design service that can speed up your new product introduction. The images in this post were all perfected by our inside design team.

Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine with 98 mm pre roll tubes labeled and tamper evident sealed
Shrink Sleeve Sealing Machine with 116 mm pre-roll tubes labeled and tamper-evident sealed

So when you want to brand your tubes or any other package fast with just about any employee running the shrink steam machine purchase factory direct and save. We manufacture all of our tubes and containers, delivery is fast with a quick 1 to 4 day transit time. It pays to buy from a local US manufacturer of plastic packaging.

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